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3 Signs Your Radiator Is In Need Of Repair

3 Signs Your Radiator Is In Need Of Repair

Do you know the signs your radiator may be going wrong? Most people don’t and only really notice when you feel the chill. Here at GASLEC we have experienced plumbers that, with their expert knowledge, can identify any issues you may have. Below are the top 3 signs you may

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Electric car charger

Charging Your Electric Car At Home

Electric and hybrid vehicles, or EVs, are becoming more common. With charging stations becoming more popular across the world, topping up has become simpler, but what about getting a full charge? Why A Home Charging? We don’t have time to sit at a charging station and wait for our car

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New Boiler

The Environmental Benefits Of A New Boiler

With over half the of our energy bills spent on heating our home, when getting a new boiler, we keep an eye on the cost. Keeping an eye on the efficiency results in not only lower bills but its better for the environment too. How An Efficient Boiler Helps The

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Oil Boiler is it right for you

Is An Oil Boiler Right For You Devon

Do you live in a property that doesn’t have mains gas supply? If so, the two best fuel options for a heating and hot water system are oil and LPG.  Of these two, oil is safer and less expensive to run. The Right Place For an Oil Boiler As your

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Benefits Of A New Boiler

The Benefits Of A New Boiler Exeter

Your boiler consumes the most energy in your house, 55 percent to be precise! Having an energy-efficient new boiler means you’re having the most bang for your buck all year. If your boiler hasn’t been replaced in the last ten years, it’s time to consider your options for ensuring your

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How To Unblock Drains

How To Prevent Blocked Drains

If you would like to spend the winter without blocked drains in your home, here are five useful tips that will help you to do this. The place to begin is knowing why it is that your household drains become blocked in the first place. Once you know this you

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