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GASLEC and Stuart Turner Pumps

GASLEC and Stuart Turner Pumps The number of failing water boosting pumps is on the increase. According to Paul Milford, Managing Director at GASLEC Exeter, ‘With many properties needing one or more pumps to maintain ‘mains’ pressure, we’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of call-outs in 2016 to

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Why this summer is a good time to replace your gas boiler

Why is this summer a good time to replace your gas boiler? Why do so many of GASLEC’s Landlord customers replace their gas boiler in the summer months and September? For some landlords, it’s about prevention rather than cure: their boiler has needed a few visits from a GASLEC engineer

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Repairs for Inefficient and Faulty Central Heating Systems

GASLEC repairs inefficient and faulty central heating systems Every winter GASLEC engineers are called to repair lots of central heating systems and radiators that won’t get hot. Cool radiators are often associated with a boiler that’s overheating, cutting out or breaking down. However, the cause of the problem is often

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