Why Use GASLEC For Boiler Repairs?

GASLEC specialise in gas boiler installations throughout Exeter and Devon. If you are looking for professional engineers in Exeter or the surrounding areas, look no further than GASLEC. We know that finding the right type of boiler is important and by installing a new high efficiency condensing model, heating is controlled much more effectively, resulting in lower fuel bills and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

With GASLEC boiler installation Exeter, this extra efficiency, together with the annual savings, will prove very worthwhile. There are several reasons why modern boilers are more efficient, but it is mainly due to the larger heat exchanger used by the condensing models.

We offer a choice of regular boilers with a hot water cylinder or the ever popular Combi boiler. We can also explain how a heat recovery system could save as much as 17% of the energy that the boiler uses to heat the water. We have the following systems available:

Below are a range of thermostat brands what we currently work with and are able to install:

We are able to carry out repairs on the following systems: