How To Prevent Blocked Drains

How To Unblock Drains

If you would like to spend the winter without blocked drains in your home, here are five useful tips that will help you to do this. The place to begin is knowing why it is that your household drains become blocked in the first place. Once you know this you can begin figure out ways of keeping them clear and flowing freely all through the winter!

Firstly, there is a clear difference in what blocks kitchen drains as opposed to what clogs up the bathroom drains – something we learn about below.

How To Clear Bathroom Blocked Drains

To help prevent the nasty, inconsiderate blocked drains in your home you can use two basic household substances – table salt and vinegar. Your bathroom drains usually get gummed up because of sticky substances are poured down them on a day to day basis. Substances include soap, shaving cream and toothpaste to name a few.

The other big culprit in the bathroom is human hair. These are all every day, ordinary substances which are part of our daily routines. You cannot simply stop using or shedding them from our daily routines.

How To Prevent Blocked Bathroom Drains

What you can do to prevent blocked drains is to pour a minimum of one tablespoon of salt down the offending drain, then empty a quarter cup of plain white vinegar on top afterwards. Then allow the mixture to sit there for at least one hour. Once that time is up, pour in plenty of hot water.

How To Degrease Your Kitchen Sink

Unless you take appropriate measures, over time a build-up of grease will deposit itself in your kitchen sink. You can prevent possible blocked drains like this in the kitchen sink quite easily. Pour liquid dish detergent down the plughole followed by a large volume of boiling water.

The water needs to be red-hot. Just fill a large pan and bring it to boil on your cooker or a couple of kettles. Just before the water comes to a boil, pour a minimum of one tablespoon down the offending sink. Follow that immediately with the boiling water – adding a little at a time. The detergent acts to dispel the grease in the same way as it does when you use it to wash your dishes. The hot water will remove any grease deposits that have built up. Do this 2 or 3 times till water flows easily and quickly.

But remember do not be tempted to use hot water from the tap; not unless you have a boiler tap. Ordinary hot tap water just is not hot enough to remove the grease – even with the added detergent.

How To Clear Outside Drains

As far as your outside drains are concerned, these too can get blocked from time to time with leaves and other garden debris. The easiest way to prevent this is to cover the drain with something like chicken wire.

Did you not think to prevent blocked drains inside or outside your home? Do you have a blockage that you cannot clear with the rubber plunger? You may need professional plumbing help here.

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