Underfloor Heating-The Ups And Downs

The Ups And Downs Of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating has many great benefits for your home. From giving a warm and comfy feeling to every part of your home and freeing up the wall of radiators.

Now, we would not be good underfloor heating installers if we did not at least go over the ups and downs of underfloor heating. To make sure you are aware of the how underfloor heating works and whether it is the ideal choice for you and your home.

What Is UFH

UFH works by having lengths of pipes laid in a flooring system that covers the entire floor and is connected to a manifold that evenly distributes the heat. This highly efficient system is ideal for homes, new and old. Also great for businesses too when every piece of space needs to be used.

The Good Things About Underfloor Heating

There are a choice of benefits for your home and for you too. Below are just some of the great reasons to choose this ever-popular heating option: –

  • You can walk around your home in barefoot. So, mainly its all about comfort for you and your family
  • Heat is evenly distributed throughout your home and have consistency too.
  • With the correctly sized unit, the unit will heat your home much more efficiently than radiators.
  • As we have shown, there will be no need to have radiators on the walls, which gives you a less cluttered feel for your home.
  • It can be installed under most flooring options.
  • It can even improve your houses selling power. Underfloor heating is always seen as a great selling tool.

The Problems With Underfloor Heating

So, like we said, we would not be good UFH installers if we did not go over some of the problems with underfloor heating. We want all our customers to be informed and make the right choice for them.

  • Cost. When it comes to underfloor heating it can seem like a large outlay but there are options to ease this.
  • With older buildings, UFH may not be an option and if installed can take time to heat a room.
  • There may be restrictions on the weight of furniture on certain kinds of flooring. They can affect the system working properly.

Underfloor Heating Service Exeter

There are not many down sides. They need to be shown so you can ensure UFH is the perfect choice for your home. Contact GASLEC today and find out how our underfloor heating service in Exeter can improve your home and get a quote from one of our skilled and trusted team.

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